Face Your Home Office Organizational Fears! Expert Advice for WAHMs by Christina Scalise

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As I write this I realize the irony of it all. I am even embarrassed because the clutter in my home office is ridiculous. Between finishing taxes, and working from home while raising three littles, I haven’t spent nearly enough time getting my office in order.
In fact it’s what I call my “shame room”. Come on, admit it, you know you have one too. That one room in the house that you don’t bother to clean because company doesn’t see it anyways right? Just recently, the thought occurred to me that if I worked outside the home, I would never let my office space get this cluttered. If I’m going to be a business owner I need to treat my business “space” in my home office as just that.
That’s why I’m bringing in an expert for you all. I am by no means the example of organization and I will be following this post along with the rest of you! I have asked Christina Scalise to share her wealth of information on getting our home office and lives organized. So please welcome her and her much appreciated advice below.

 Face Your Home Office Organizational Fears! Expert Advice for WAHMs by Christina Scalise @authorcscalise

My name is Christina Scalise. I am an Author, Professional Organizer, Certified Reiki Master, wife and mother of three. My kids, even though they are now getting older, still keep me quite busy. As a work-at-home mom I know the challenges of trying to balance a business and a job with family life. It can be both trying and rewarding all at the same time. I currently live in upstate New York with my family and when I’m not writing or helping someone get organized, you can usually find me spending time with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, playing in the garden, providing Reiki treatments for those in need or simply organizing anything I can get my hands on.

I have been organizing things my entire life; and after helping a few friends de-clutter and organize their homes, they encouraged me to share my knowledge with others.  So, that’s when I decided to write my very first book on organizing tips……Organize Your Finances, Your Kids, Your Life! – published in 1997. As the years went on, my passion for organizing continued to grow. In 2004, I started working as a professional organizer and in 2010, I created my website….. OrganizeYourLifeAndMore  where I provide a free newsletter, Organizing Tips, Daily Do Its, Articles, Inspirational Quotes, Product Recommendations and much more. And, then in December 2012 I published my second book….. Organize Your Life and More. Helping people get organized is my passion and will always be an integral part of my life.

How to Organize Your Home Office for Maximum Efficiency 

Working from home can seem like a monumental task but it doesn’t have to be. Start organizing today and you will notice just how productive and efficient you will become. Getting organized not only improves efficiency, it also helps reduce stress and clutter and save time and money. Organization truly is the key to success! To keep your home office organized for maximum efficiency, try these tips…..


        1. Go through everything in your office (including inside, and on top of, your desk).  Toss any unwanted or unnecessary items. The less clutter you have, the less distracted you will become when trying to work on important tasks.

Face Your Home Office Organizational Fears! Expert Advice for WAHMs by Christina Scalise whynotmom.com/organize2. Store all items used daily within reach, those used less often nearby and those rarely used items – and extra supplies you’ve stocked up on – inside storage cabinets.

3. Use desk and drawer organizers and/or small baskets and containers to organize small office supplies such as paperclips, rubber bands, pens and pencils – both inside and on top of your desk.

4. Make sure all office supplies are in stock (ink, paper, pens, staples, paperclips, etc.) and ready to use each day. Sharpen pencils, toss dried up pens, markers and highlighters; refill the paper in the copy machine and make sure your label maker has plenty of labels.

5. Neaten up all cords underneath and around your desk.  Label those that need it with permanent marker or tags.

6. To reduce the amount of papers stored in your office and on your desk, scan and save what you can into your computer.  Create computer documents and digital file folders and then save each document into its corresponding folder. And, don’t forget to back up your computer files often.

7. Deal with all paperwork and incoming mail as soon as it comes in; file it, make any necessary phone calls or simply toss it immediately. And, for those items that just can’t be dealt with right away; use a paper tray or desktop filing system and separate them into categories…..To Do, To Be Filed, For Review, Reference, Inbox, Outbox and Pending.

8. Don’t rely on your memory; write it down. Add all tasks to your calendar including those you only do once a year and/or use a Microsoft Excel sheet saved on your computer and categorize your To Dos and Reminders into the following categories…..Do ASAP, Do Soon, Do Later, Don’t Forget, etc. To reduce the amount of paper post-it notes used…..try using digital post it notes on your computer or a dry erase board.

9. Make important information stand out and be noticed…..for file folders and post-it notes; use different shapes, colors and sizes. For important information contained in computer documents and emails…..change font styles, sizes, boldness and colors or simply highlight those words you want noticed.

10. Use a label maker to create labels. Clearly printed labels are not only easier to read, they are also quicker to find and look much neater than handwritten ones.

Face Your Home Office Organizational Fears! Expert Advice for WAHMs by Christina Scalise @ChristinaScalise whynotmom.com/organize

11. Store all papers you plan on shredding into a small file folder within reach of your desk. Place newer papers towards the back and push older ones to the front each time. When the file starts to get full, grab a handful from the front of the file and start shredding. This gives you time to change your mind and prevent accidental shredding of important papers.

12. Purge all unwanted emails, computer documents and paper files often. Spending a few minutes doing this at the beginning, and end, of each day can save lots of time.

13. Learn how to use computer programs that will help you become more efficient such as accounting programs and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and keep a list of computer keyboard shortcuts close by.

14. Store important business information such as passwords and business contact information (name, address, phone and fax numbers; and any pertinent information about the person and/or business you may need to remember) onto your computer and update those lists often – Microsoft Excel works great for this. And, once again, be sure to back up your files often and print out a paper copy as well for your reference, if needed.

15. Schedule in time for checking emails (2-3 times a day is usually best) and then avoid getting sidetracked by checking it more often than necessary.  When you do check your email, take care of each one right away…..delete, file, unsubscribe, flag or respond.

16. For remembering how to use office equipment, computer programs or accomplishing certain tasks…..keep a set of written instruction sheets in a file folder close by or posted next to the corresponding office equipment involved. And for frequent updating of instruction sheets, save them into a computer file.

17. Give yourself a break. Get up, move and stretch every so often. This will give both your body and brain a chance to rest and restart; renewing your level of concentration.

18. Don’t over commit to too many things. Keep your schedule under control by learning how to say “No thank you” a little more often.

19. Keep the lines of communication open with family and coworkers by taking time each week to discuss any problems or concerns. If there are any, work together to find the best solution for everyone involved.

20. Take 5-10 minutes at the end of each day to put a few things away. If you find an item that does not have a designated storage place; create one and then keep it there when it’s not in use.  Remember these organizing proverbs…..

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”
“Don’t put it down, put it away.”
“File it, don’t pile it.”

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Tame Your Toddlers & Tweens with these Disney® Soundtracks! #SingIntoSpring #Giveaway

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

Tame Your Toddlers & Tweens with these Disney® Soundtracks! #SingIntoSpring #Giveaway

They say music soothes the savage beast and if you’ve ever had to deal with the terrible twos or in some cases the terrible tweens, than you know how music can play an important role in calming your children!

I just received this incredible collection of Disney® CDs and soundtracks and I have to say, they’re fabulous!

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This Pre-School set contains: 
Disney Junior® DJ Shuffle
Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho Matey®
Doc McStuffins; The Doc Is In®
FROZEN® Soundtrack!

Tame Your Toddlers & Tweens with these Disney® Soundtracks! #SingIntoSpring #Giveaway #whynotmom #music #kids #preschool #children #dance #party #entertainment

My youngest is 5 yrs old and is on the spectrum.  Music is the one thing I know will calm him as well as entertain him.  He feels every beat and has great rhythm to boot!  The second I played these CDs for him he instantly jumped up and started dancing away!  He LOVED them!  His favorite is the Disney jr.® DJ Shuffle Sountrack.  My 7 yr old son and  9 yr old daughter were rocking out to many of the songs as well!

Our family favorite is the Frozen® soundtrack as the movie is one of our all time favorite currently released Disney® movies.

This giveaway includes TWO prizes!  The pre-school pack mentioned above as well as this awesome tween pack pictured here!

Tame Your Toddlers & Tweens with these Disney® Soundtracks! #SingIntoSpring #Giveaway #whynotmom #music #kids #preschool #children #dance #party #entertainment

This Tween set contains: 
Disney Channels® Play it Loud
Austin&Ally: Turn it Up®
Doc McStuffins; The Doc Is In®
Teen Beach Movie® Soundtrack!

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Tonia’s Top 10: You Might be a Nerd if….. #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Calling all nerds, geeks & techies! #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Source:Nerd Machine

You might be a nerd if:

1) When March Madness starts and everyone is talking about brackets, you automatically assume they’re talking in HTML code.

2) You try to convince your spouse into naming your first born after your favorite gaming avatar.

3) You have dozens of computer passwords memorized but forget birthdays and anniversaries.

4) You have more “toys” than your kids do.

5) You have ever attended a science fiction convention and your trip qualified for a tax deduction.

6) You code for fun.

7) You know what PHP is and SQL and the difference between Java, JavaScript and jQuery.

8) You have ever played World of Warcraft for more than 2 hours….in a row, for several days….in a row.

9) You asked your wife to marry you while you were both decked out in cosplay & you know what cosplay is.

10) Your greatest desire is to attend NerdHQ!

 So how many of these are YOU guilty of?

Make sure you check out my previous post on how you can help preserve NerdHQ this year!

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How Many Nerds Does it Take to Throw a Party? Just ask Zachary Levi! #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Calling all nerds, geeks & techies! #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Source:Nerd Machine

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in a room full of 300 nerds asking questions such as “Can you imitate a Velociraptor for us?” from your favorite sci-fi celebrities? How about playing a selection of video games before they’ve even been released?  Watching a movie like “Serenity” in a baseball field full of like-minded nerds like you?  Checking out new gadgets before they hit the market?  Does any of this sound like your kinda party?

Well than Nerd HQ 2014 is the place to be because these are exactly the types of things you can expect and so much MORE!

Calling all nerds, geeks & techies! #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Source:Nerd Machine

“Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone – the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether it’s sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever.” ~Zachary Levi

Since 2010, Zachary Levi, (aka Fandral the Dashing in “Thor: The Dark World”), has been putting on an event so epic in its concept that it can only be compared to Comic Con, which Nerd HQ just happens to coincide with every year in San Diego but has no affiliation with.

As amazing as this event is, last year Nerd HQ almost didn’t happen because the funding from sponsors didn’t cover most of the cost and Zachary Levi had fronted the money himself. It takes some serious amounts of drachma (money) to fund such an epic event.  That is why Zac is turning to you the fans.

The problem is only a small number of folks can afford to give a lot, whereas many of us can only afford a little.  Zachary Levi has set up this fundraiser through Indiegogo so that no matter how much or how little you can afford, everyone is given the same opportunity and appreciated for even the smallest of donation of $5.

“Fans will treat something preciously if given the opportunity to do so.” ~Zachary Levi

The best part is 100% of the money raised by celebrity panels, auction items, photos and signings at Nerd HQ will be donated to a very worthy cause “Operation Smile”.

Calling all nerds, geeks & techies! #IWantMyNerdHQ #ENMNetwork

Source:Nerd Machine

Last year Nerd HQ earned $215,000 for the charity.  This year they hope to earn even more!

Here’s Zachary Levi himself to explain it so much better!

Believe_in_Nerd_HQYour donation will guarantee your name on the “Nerd HQ Wall of Honor”. In addition every cent donated will go into making Nerd HQ 2014 the best event possible.  But it can only happen with your help. P.L.E.A.S.E consider making a donation and if you are flat broke, which I totally understand trust me, then help us by sharing this message through the social media buttons below these photos.


Enjoy these photos via Nerd Machine:

Donate Here

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The Best Gift Ever is a MOMS NIGHT OUT! #MNOMovie

If ever there was a time that I needed a Moms’ Night Out, last week was definitely a good time for it.  I was so tense from stress that I could have worn my shoulders as earrings.  Between my children not cooperating and having my husband constantly out of town driving long haul, I had used up every..ounce..of..patience, tolerance and **mommy medicine I had left. **Mommy Medicine: aka chocolate(the good kind), ice cream or chocolate ice cream works even better!

It was with overwhelming gratitude that I was offered the *opportunity to attend a screening of the movie “Moms’ Night Out” before it hits the theaters May 9th. Best…timing…ever!!

The Best Gift Ever is a MOMS NIGHT OUT! #MNOMovie @whynotmomdotcomFrom the time the movie started till the very end I was 100% engaged in this movie.  It was full of mayhem and antics as well as some very tender moments between some of the characters.  There really is something for everyone in this film.

From car chases and outlandish parodies, to the heart to heart moments that most of us will relate to.  This movie had everything and more for your entertainment purposes!

I was thrilled to watch a movie with Sean Astin as a lead role.  My inner 80’s child delighted in seeing him play such a delightful role. He is truly a joy to see as a supportive husband and Father, just as I pictured he would be.

I think the actor that surprised me the most was Trace Adkins who played the character Bones, a tattoo artist and Harley riding enthusiast.  All though he only had a small part, his role played one of the most meaningful roles in this film.  I won’t spoil it for you, but just make sure you listen when he speaks.  It will touch your very heart and soul.  (Bring tissues, trust me on this!)

The movie is due out May 9th and for the men out there, hint, hint, that happens to be Mothers Day weekend. HINT, HINT!  What a GREAT idea for a MOTHERS DAY gift for that special lady in your life don’t you think? HINT, HINT!

I would really like to see this movie blow the ROOF off the box office.  Why?  Because we NEED more movies like this, send a message to Hollywood that quality entertainment doesn’t have be to full of violence, vulgarity and barely dressed women.  I URGE you to send your wife, your daughters, your sisters, your Mothers to the opening weekend because if we don’t, the big budget movies filled with the aforementioned crapola will continue. I promise you that it will be worth every cent of your movie ticket.  Then come back and tell me what YOUR favorite scene was, if you can pick just one that is!

Which actors are YOU most excited to see in Moms’ Night Out?  Be sure to see my previous post listing the main actors and their background.

The Best Gift Ever is a MOMS NIGHT OUT! #MNOMovie @whynotmomdotcom

I would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to my wonderful sis-in-law Ragan, who watched my kids, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to go!

***UPDATE 2-21-14** Sean Astin just posted this YouTube video via Lisa Douglas about his thoughts on the making of Moms Night Out.  You HAVE to watch this, I love it when he says “I’m on Pinterest, I dunno what that is, but I’M ON IT!” lol!  Love this guy!

*Disclosure: I received a free ticket as a member of Mom Select to view the screening of this movie.  No other compensation was provided. As always, you can expect my honest and open review based on my opinion and personal experience.


Will 2014 be Known as the Year of Mediocre Super Bowl Ads?

It may sound silly, but one of the reasons I enjoy the Super Bowl is for the amazing commercials.  I don’t normally like commercials either, but I do like seeing the creative minds come together to inspire and entertain us every year at this time.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really a big football fan.  In fact I’m not a fan of any sport really.  Nothing against sports, I just have no interest in them.  I also have about as much athletic ability as a fruit fly.
Will 2014 be Known as the Year of Mediocre Super Bowl Ads? #football #sports #commercials #advertising #marketing #wahm #video

This year my hubby was out of town for the Super Bowl, it’s no fun without him frankly.  I only like watching games with him because it’s something we can do as a couple and I LOVE to watch him root for his favorite team.  It’s just adorable to see him get so worked up.  Does anybody else like watching their spouse watch football for that reason?  Of course, the yummy game day food is another bonus I don’t mind!

Since I didn’t watch the game I decided to look up this year’s Super Bowl ads.  Can I just say “What happened?”  I’m used to watching commercials that make me bust up laughing or burst into tears.  Where did all the creative juices flow too?  Did the Polar Vortex freeze their creative side?  Seriously there are only maybe three or four that I really enjoyed watching.  The rest of the ads might as well of been saved for prime time TV spots as they were just “meh”.

I would love to know what YOU think!  Below is a list of the ad spots. Share with me which one(s) were your favorite and which one(s) were your least favorite.

Ready set, try not to be bored……

I Need a Moms’ Night Out…Whose With Me?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I need a Moms Night Out here at Whynotmom.com! #MomsNightOut #wahm #mompreneur #momblogger #parenting #children #kidsWhen you can’t remember the last time you brushed your teeth, let alone took a shower, it’s CLEARLY time for a

Moms’ Night Out!  

I can’t even begin to tell you how elated I was when I watched the trailer for this movie.  It’s certainly a movie long overdue in the making in my opinion!

Why does Hollywood think we only are interested in movies full of nudity, violence and all around tasteless humor?  Are we that pathetic as a race that we can only be entertained if it involves such pointless drivel?

Enter the “Mom Factor” as they call it.  Reality check Hollywood, we want movies that don’t make us cringe or quickly change the channel when our child walks into the room.  We want something relatable, tangible and by George make it worth spending our hard earned money on!

Well ladies, it’s time to have your movie going experience raised up a notch!  Check out the cast and tell me if you don’t think these cast members aren’t a perfect choice!

  • Patricia Heaton= Uh hellllllo? Who doesn’t know what it’s like to be a Mom more than the star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “The Middle” (Psssst! She is also the Executive Producer, so you know it was done the way us moms expect a movie about moms to be created so you KNOW it’s gonna be good!)
  • Sarah Drew= If you’re having sudden memories of the TV drama “Everwood” you might remember her as the sweet girl who played “Hannah”.  Can I just say, my oh my she grew up quite nicely!  Oh and she also plays Dr. April Kepner on a little show called Grey’s Anatomy but that’s no big deal right?
  • Sean Astin: Most of the young ‘uns will know him as the character “Samwise” in “Lord of the Rings”.  But to my 80’s girl inner child, he’ll always be “Mikey” from “The Goonies”.  I think he will be a pivotal role in this movie and I’m MORE than excited to see what he does with his character!
  • Trace Adkins= Really? Do I need to tell you who this guy is? If your radio station has never tuned into a country music channel than I suppose you have an excuse. I’ll let you slide by, but just..this…once.
  • David Hunt= Some dude that used to annoy Patricia’s TV hubby Raymond who happens to be her hubby in real life and has done a bunch of cool stuff like producing and directing.
  • Andrea Logan White= It would seem we owe it to Andrea for the mere existence of this fantastic movie as her & her hubby birthed the very idea and development of it!  Thank you Andrea! Oh and she’s also done lots of cool gigs too.
  • Robert Amaya=  Did you see “Courageous”?  You’ll likely recognize him then!   The scene where he plays a crazy gang banger in the back of the cop car…my absolute FAVE!  Another must see movie!
  • Abbie Cobb=If you watch nighttime drama TV you have seen Abbie. Trust me. You’ve seen her.

So many more cast members you’ll be sure to love!
Check out the movie trailer here!

Let’s all make it a point to set a date for May 9, that’s plenty of time to get a sitter or warn schedule with your spouse and invite your best friends, sisters, and any women in your life that you know needs a break!

Can’t wait to hear about your “Moms Night Out” make sure you tell all about it! What actor/actress are you most excited to see in this?

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post!  I’m just THAT excited to see this movie!  Aren’t you?!

P.S. There are some AMAZING changes taking place with my website Whynotmom.com.
So come back VERY soon and see all the great WAHM products I’ve added!  Want to be featured?  Contact me via email whynotmom@gmail.com or just go to my contact page

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