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Tonia L. Clark founder of Whynotmom.com and her experience at #DisneyOnTheRoad #Seattle #DisneySMMoms

Disney On The Road Seattle

It’s not exactly a state secret that Disney® employs some of the best marketing gurus known to man.  Just walk into any retail chain right now and you’ll see shelves lined with a plethora of “Monsters University®products as far as the eyes can see, and of course your kids and mine want them all, (like this chair here, does it come in my size?)

What may not be common knowledge, however, is that Disney® clearly understands the value of a mom blogger.  I have many friends on Facebook and Twitter who are bloggers. In the past year I have watched in awe and amazement as they have flourished in the limelight Disney® has bestowed upon them.  I knew I wanted to work with Disney®, when I realized how well they treated and honored these hard working moms.  As many of you all ready know, it is my goal, my mission if you will, to help as many work at home moms be successful in their businesses.  Hence the reason I started my website Whynotmom.com.  So when I was invited to attend the ’Disney® On The Road Seattle’ event, I was ecstatic to say the least!  This is one of four ‘mini-conferences’ held in the U.S., mirrored after Disney’s® huge conference they hold annually at their acclaimed parks and resorts in DisneyWorld®.  Only a select number of bloggers are invited to the main conference and Disney® wanted to spread the ‘pixie dust’ a little further.  When I received an invitation to join these amazing women in Seattle, you had better believe I was on that like Donald Duck® takes to water!  Even more exciting was to learn that Disney® will be holding their conference next year at Disneyland®!  I’m hoping to take my children there for their very first visit!  My youngest will be five, which is the perfect age in my opinion!

What exactly is a ‘Disney®Social Media Mom’ and why is Disney® investing their time and money inviting mom bloggers to special events?  Frankly, any company that wishes to be successful at marketing should take note of how Disney® runs their business.  I’m fairly certain there are many corporations that would use every last one of ‘Toodles mouseketools®’ to discover the marketing secrets behind those Mickey shaped ears! So pay close attention all you marketing folks out there in marketing land; We all know the best form of advertising is through ‘word-of-mouth’.  Always has been, and likely always will be.  Social media through bloggers is the new form of ‘word-of-mouth advertising’ and mom bloggers have an outstanding reputation with brands; and let’s face it, we moms can talk!  Brands seek out mom bloggers and ask them to review their products for them because they know that their word means more to their customers than an overpriced magazine ad with an airbrushed model or a rock star with a wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl.  Their readers value their opinion and are grateful to have an honest, unbiased resource to depend on.  Why? Because they are moms who live in the real world, with baby spit on their freshly laundered shirts and piles of dishes that look more like an unintentional science project every day.   Their readers know that these bloggers understand what it’s like to seek solace in the confines of their bathroom while eating that last piece of stashed away dark chocolate. (guilty as charged) So when you see a mom blogger walking down the red carpet to the latest Disney® movie premiere, you now know why.  Disney® is the first in the entertainment industry to truly understand and esteem the value of a mom blogger.  Which is why they invite them to their movie premiers, because, simply put, they ‘get it’.  Think about it, would you rather listen to a review of a movie you plan to take your kids too, from a trusted, hard working mom blogger, or some big shot movie critic, sipping champagne while dining on caviar and being chauffeured in his limo, on his way to the next red carpet event?  E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.   So again, thank you Disney® for acknowledging this.

Now for the fun part, I want to share some of the ‘gems’ I received from the speakers at this fantastic event.  I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to discover that the keynote speaker was Mindee Hardin.  I had all ready placed her on my contact list of women entrepreneurs I admire.  I wanted to interview her for my bi-weekly feature of ‘Mompreneurs’ for my upcoming blog launch.  Not only did I absorb her amazing wisdom and business advice, but I had the privilege of chatting with her in person and she agreed to do an interview with me!  Mindee is so sweet and charismatic, her energy and willingness to help others could very well be her trademark!  If you ever get a chance to meet her, do it!  Just a little background; Mindee is the creator of Boogie Wipes® those awesome saline infused, great smelling wipes for your babies noses!  What really struck a chord with me, is that after all she went through to bring her brilliant invention to life and on the store shelves, she nearly lost it all.  After working herself to death she said she was “In a recipe for rock bottom; Divorced, sold her company, a single mom and jobless.”  It took her several years to stop being angry about being ‘just a mom’.  Her story leads her to her new business where she is the CEO of ‘Juicebox Consulting’ with an amazing concept of helping others achieve success with their start-ups!  I can’t wait to interview her and gain even MORE wisdom from her amazing experiences!  She is even publishing a book that is coming out this fall entitled “Boogie Wiped”! I hope to do a review of it for you all!

Tonia & Mindee Doney of "Juice Box Consulting" (creator of Boogie Wipes) at Disney on the road Seattle! #DisneySMMoms

Tonia & Mindee Doney of “Juice Box Consulting” (creator of Boogie Wipes) at Disney on the road Seattle

“Nurture what resets you.”

“Ask for help, specifically and honestly.”

“Believe in your village.  Their way works too. It’s ok to step back and say ‘Thank you for your help, its not my way but its ok!’ Allow hubby to help & let go of those reigns.”

“Choose a pace that balances needs vs. wants.”

“There is no pause button, rewind or fast forward when it comes to the journey.  Peace hangs out in our scrapbooks, itineraries and gratitude.”

My personal fave:
“Invite your children to witness you pursuing your dreams.”

~Mindee Doney

Tonia holding a package of 'Boogie Wipes' that Mindee Doney of "Juice Box Consulting" (creator of Boogie Wipes) honored her with at Disney on the road Seattle!

That’s me holding a package of grape scented Boogie Wipes Mindee Doney honored me with! My kids literally fought over these, they smell THAT good!

But WAIT that’s not ALL!  Sorry, couldn’t resist! Hee, hee.

There was also a “Mompreneur panel” of amazing and talented ladies to educate us all:

Suzanne Hansen: Baby Sleep Coach Program creator and Huggies MomInspired™ Grant Recipient. Her online coaching program helps exhausted parents with her own personal support program available anytime and customized to their needs.

Kathy Nelson: Created a cloud service company to help run small office/home office business called Ovalyeye. She packages a variety of services from email hosting, web conferencing, voice over IP services and more!

Christi Sandvik: Founded ‘kris&kate’ a trendy online fashion site where shopping and giving go hand in hand.

Sari Crevin: Founder and CEO of ‘BooginHead’ her children’s products are so clever and stylin, you’ll want one (or all of them) right away!

Lastly, we learned about some new and ‘renewed’ changes at Disneyland and Disneyworld.  One of which I’m UBER excited about is that Frontierland is coming back bigger and better than ever this fall! I love that place too!.  Anybody remember, “The Country Bears”?  I loved those guys!

Tonia L. Clark founder of Whynotmom.com having lunch with her new blogger buddies after attending #DisneyOnTheRoad #Seattle #DisneySMMoms

Lunch with my new blogger buddies! Love these gals! (thanks to my hubby for taking the pic!)

Tonia, Mindee Doney of "Juice Box Consulting" (creator of Boogie Wipes) and Becca of "Love our Disney" at Disney on the Road Seattle! #DisneySMMoms

From left: Me, Mindee Doney and Becaa Robbins

Bar none, the best part about the event was meeting and greeting with these amazing bloggers who are “Made of Awesome!” (totally stole that quote from my new blogger buddy Nan Legas).  We formed a group on Facebook and Twitter and than 20 of us got together after the conference and ate at Azteca.  My poor hubby was the only man at the table.  (don’t worry he loved it though!)  It was great talking about our lives as wahms, which so few can truly understand.  I even think it helped my hubby understand my work a little better, by listening to others  like myself, talk about their work/life.  He even said afterwards: “Funny how everybody got on their phones at the table!”  I said “Welcome to life as a blogger honey!”

Tonia L. Clark and her blogger buddy Nan Legas of "Moms the Word" at #DisneyOnTheRoad #Seattle #DisneySMMoms

Me and my blogger buddy Nan Legas. We totally look like twins right?

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to attend this conference and I’m especially grateful that Disney® put this together for us.  Thank you Disney®!

If you search the hashtag #DisneySMMoms on Twitter or Instagram you’ll find all kinds of treasures there!

Thanks for joining me on my first “official’ blog post on Whynotmom.com!  I Hope you liked it and will help me spread the word for these amazing work at home moms out there! Thanks for stopping by!

***DISCLAIMER I was in no way shape or form compensated by Disney® or any companies affiliated with this conference.  


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    There we are! Aren’t we cute?! Twinsies! Loved meeting you in person, my friend. So much fun and your hubby was a sweetie.

    Great conference and Mindee was made of awesome too! 😉

    Yesterday hubby asked me, “After I retire, do you think you could leave the kids (and future grandkids) and move to Florida so I could work at Disney World?” I said that our youngest would totally move WITH us as he loves Florida too, and he’s always wanted to work at DW as well, lol! Have to work on the rest of the family though, lol!

    Love ya!

    • says

      Hi Terry, thanks for dropping by! I’m technically not ‘working with’ Disney, I was just invited to go. It’s not a guaranteed ongoing partnership, just to be clear. I don’t want to misrepresent my relationship with them in anyway. Thanks again for commenting, I appreciate your support!

    • says

      Melinda you are SO right on! I’ve been keeping watch on how Disney does their marketing/advertising for years now, and I’m convinced they hire only the best of the best! They definitely know their stuff that’s for sure! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit! Love the support from my blogger buddies!

    • says

      Michelle it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll never forget that’s for sure! I have a whole new respect for Disney now after this! Thank you so much for paying me a visit darling!

  2. says

    Congrats on being chosen to work with Disney! I haven’t ever partnered with them, but my experience as a consumer and a tourist has left me with great respect for Disney, its mission, and its customer-centered values. It’s great to hear that the company is consistent across all of its relationships!
    Corinne recently posted…Make Chore Time Fun!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Corinne, thanks for dropping by! Just to be clear, I’m technically not ‘working with’ Disney, I was just invited to attend their ‘mini-conference’. It’s not a guaranteed ongoing partnership, all though here’s hoping!

    • says

      Hi Tess, I’m lucky I got to go that’s for sure! I hope they’ll give me further opportunities to work with them, so here’s hoping the ‘pixie dust’ falls upon me again!

    • says

      No need to be jealous hun! I’m a newbie at blogging and still got to go! My social media presence has been pretty good so far. Just keep engaging, you’ll get there! Good luck hun! (oh and I don’t have a partnership with Disney, I was just invited to the conference)

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